Authorized Dealer Sign Up
Signing up as an Authorized Dealer will enable you to sell all of Image Improved's great products. It's easy to sign up.

Simply download the following Authorized Dealer PDF to your computer, fill it out and email or fax (770.475.4292) it back to us. (*Important: Make sure to download the Authorized Dealer PDF to your computer and then open it, don't fill it out in a internet browser window because it will not save your info.) We will then email you a Price List and other important info.

You can start by ordering any of our products. There is no minimum price placed on your first order. All major credit cards are accepted and preferred for at least the first few orders until you complete a credit application which is available upon request. We ship all non-custom orders immediately... no waiting!

Authorized Dealer PDF


Send all questions, comments or suggestions to Customer Service or call 877.475.4220